Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Covid-19 Infection Control Protocol - 19/05/2020

I wanted to update you all on the steps I am currently taking to ensure that risk of infection is minimised. I am following guidance from my registered body The General Osteopathic Council, and my peers at The Institute of Osteopathy, as well as Public Health England (PHE) and NHS guidance.

Before i leave the house i will be thoroughly washing hands and arms and removing all jewellery, following the NHS Techniques 'Bare below the elbow'. I will then put on my mask (IIR fluid resistant type) following the Public Health England (PHE) Guidance on donning PPE.
Once i have arrived at my patients house i will sanitise my hands and put on a new pair of shoe covers before entering the house.
The patient will be instructed to open all nearby windows and ask all members of the household to leave the room chosen to treat in. I will ask my patient to wash their hands and put on a mask, i can provide a 3 ply mask, if they have their own mask this is fine.
I will set up my couch, disinfect with hibiscrub solution, and dispose paper towels. I then wash my hands and arms and dry using my own single use towel.
I then put on my apron (single use plastic) and my safety glasses (polycarbonate safety spectacles) and a new pair of single use latex free gloves following the PHE guidance on 'donning PPE'.

The case history will be taken sitting with a 2 metre distance between myself and the patient. I will ensure i take as much detail in the telephone triage performed before the appointment to minimise time.
Examination and treatment will not involve any aerosol generating procedure - e.g anything that could cause the patient to cough, or breath heavily.
Examination and treatment will not involve any lying in the prone (face down) position.
Patients will be asked to use their own pillow. I will be advising pillow cases to be washed at 60 degrees after the treatment.
After the treatment i will disinfect the couch, then remove my apron and gloves following PHE guidance on 'correctly doffing PPE' and dispose of. I will wash my hands and arms again. My patient will be advised to have a shower/bath and wash any clothes worn at 60 degrees.
After leaving the property i will remove my shoe covers for disposal, and remove my safety glasses for disinfecting. If i am going on to treat another patient i will be changing my T shirt (after my hands are sanitised) Where possible i will be going home to shower and change clothes before seeing another patient.
Once i am home i will remove my mask following PHE guidance on 'doffing PPE' and wash all clothes separately at 60 degrees.
Im hoping that by listing my procedures this will bring about a confidence that i am doing all i can to keep you as safe as possible during these challenging times.
For more information on PPE or infection control guidance please visit;
If anyone has any queries, or concerns please call me on 07546 015296.
Best regards,
Laura James
Registered Mobile Osteopath

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